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Magnesium Chloride Oil Pack

Published on February 04 2020


Magnesium Chloride Oil (Mco) Pack Instructions:

  • To make a compress pack -Fold a piece of 100% wool, soft cotton or small towel into 3 or 4 layers and soak in magnesium chloride oil to make a pack.
  • Heat in a low-heated pan or in a bowl in a steamer (ensure the steamer is at optimal working level before placing pack which is in a plastic bag, in the steamer) – make sure it is not too hot.
  • Place pack over area of concern –g. tumours, infected, inflamed, painful/stiff/calcified joints or muscles, adhesions or scar tissue.
  • Cover with plastic and a dry towel for insulation and leave for 1-2 hours –For best absorption, place a hot water bottle over the pack to keep it warm.
  • Pack can be reused a few times -keep it wrapped in plastic, and refresh with a little more oil at the next use.


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