Magnesium Body Scrub

Our Natural Magnesium Scrub is an Exfoliant with the Benefits of a Moisturising Lotion

Using a natural magnesium scrub is an excellent way to include a little self-care into your routine and show some love for your skin. The scrub not only acts as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells but leaves your skin feeling moist and smooth.

Benefits of Magnesium Body Scrubs

As a company, we care about the health of our customers and their families. We strive to provide products that have simple ingredients and are easy to use.

  • In our magnesium products, we only use Zechstein Magnesium Chloride Flakes which we source from the ancient Zechstein Sea. Located in what is now the North Sea, the ancient Zechstein Sea helped create the magnesium chloride in this area through 100% natural processes.
  • As a family-oriented company, we know how important it is to choose products for your family that are healthy, natural, and non-toxic. We create and use all our products with these aspects in mind.
  • Our products are made in Australia and undergo regular testing to ensure the ingredients we use are of a high quality and meet our standards.

We expect a lot from our products, and you should too. It is critical that we provide healthy, non-toxic skin care products for the whole family.

Tips for Getting The Most Out Of Your Magnesium Scrub

While our products are already a great value, here are a few more tips to truly get the most benefit and incorporate them into your daily routine.

  • Replace your body lotion with our natural magnesium scrub. The scrub not only removes dead skin cells but rejuvenates and moisturises. Our formula also includes coconut oil, which acts as both a moisturiser and anti-bacterial agent.
  • Pair your magnesium use with a good night’s rest to increase the benefits. During the night your body works to repair damage from stress and your regular activities. By providing your body with magnesium chloride, you are allowing the absorption and immediate benefits of the mineral as it works to repair the damage.
  • No one likes sore muscles. To improve your workout recovery times try using our magnesium products post-workout. Magnesium is known to reduce inflammation and reduce muscle soreness, which means you can get back in to the gym that much faster.

Why My Mag Essentials Australian Made Magnesium Scrub is Cost Effective

Our natural magnesium scrub is a high-quality product at a reasonable price. You can incorporate our products into your daily routine by replacing things such as deodorants and body lotions. When used regularly, magnesium helps your whole family thrive and restored magnesium levels will benefit you on many levels.

Contact us with your questions about using our magnesium-based products.

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