About My Mag Essentials

Most people don't know that they are Magnesium deficient and suffer because of it!

At My Mag Essentials we provide quality magnesium skin care products to help you satisfy your magnesium deficiency and live healthier.

About My Mag Essentials

For the past 7 years, we’ve assisted thousands of people just like you overcome being magnesium deficient and transform their lives. 
My partner at the time was using the oils every day for work as his job was very physical. The oils helped energize and restore his body each day for work. I gave it a try and instantly loved the results but didn't love the tingling sensation from those oils. So I created a formula that is gentler on your body. Magnesium skin-care products have been my savior as a mother as well. They help me wind down at night and go back to sleep after tending to my daughter.
In 2014, I created My Mag Essentials to provide people with a quality magnesium product that also gives back to the planet. All of our products are naturally produced and have sustainable packaging and we do our best to use biodegradable packing where we can.

We know what it feels like to be suffering and frustrated from everyday pain.
If you’re like us, you’ve probably experienced a magnesium deficiency or one of the many signs of MD. You’ve likely wondered if there was a product that helped you sleep better while easing your everyday pains. We know you want to become well and become healthier.
At My Mag Essentials, we get it.
We understand all the pain, aches, and stress that comes from being deficient in this imperative nutrient. We understand that you don’t feel like yourself. 

We are committed to helping you restore your health so you can keep enjoying life. 

The process is simple —

1. Shop Now 

2. Select A Product That Fits Your Needs

3. Become Magnesium Efficient. Become Healthier.Become Happier.

Once you click Shop Now, you’ll have taken the first step to improve your health and daily life.

We believe becoming pain & stress-free should be easier & you don't deserve to suffer any longer! We help you become magnesium efficient so that you can live happier and healthier. 

Shop Now to get started.

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