100ml Lotion, DETOX Scrub, Oil Spray in a Bundle

My Mag Essentials

100ml Lotion, DETOX Scrub, Oil Spray in a Bundle

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Get a your Essentials:

All of our products in a bundle, for a discounted price!

- 1 Magnesium Lotion your Choice between all fragrances available in 100ml recyclable tube (pls add which one you would like in the comments at checkout!)

- 1 Magnesium DETOX Body Scrub 350ml

- 1 Magnesium Oil Spray 60g

All products are MADE IN AUSTRALIA and are Australian-owned.

Magnesium benefits are abandoned.

Our Products simply and naturally get results for our customers where other products have not.

My Mag Essentials Magnesium Body lotions are all magnesium chloride based, from ZECHSTEIN Seabed.

Made from 100% Natural Ingredients right here in Australia and gentle on your skin!

Rose Geranium
Orange Bergamot
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