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All in 1

My Mag Essentials

All in 1

Bath & Body Gift Sets

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All of our products in a bundle, for a discounted price!

- 1 Magnesium Lotion 100ml your choice of fragrance

- 1 Magnesium Lotion 50ml biodegradable Jar your choice of fragrance

- 1 Magnesium DETOX Body Scrub 350ml

- 1 Bag of Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes for Body and Foot Soaks 500g

- 1 Magnesium Oil Spray 60g

All products are MADE IN AUSTRALIA and are Australian-owned.

Magnesium benefits are abandoned, here are some Features: 

Features    :  

  •   Sourced From Pristine Zechstein Sea
  •   Boosts Magnesium levels in your Body
  •   Trans-Dermal Delivery For Fast Relief
  •   Relieves Sore & Tired Muscles
  •   Relaxes Nervous System
  •   Relieves Headaches
  •   Combats Insomnia & Restless Legs
  •   Detoxifies Lymphatic System
  •   Relieves Adverse Skin Conditions
  •   Natural Remedy To Calm Children


50ml Eucalyptus
50ml Lavender
50ml Rose Geranium
50 ml Orange Bergamot
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