Getting the most out of Transdermal Magnesium

Published on May 22 2019

Learn About Transdermal Magnesium Through My Mag Essentials

Are you thinking about trying transdermal magnesium? Discover the fantastic options at My Mag Essentials. We offer a combination of quality products and trusted advice.


Transdermal Magnesium


Tips Regarding Topical Magnesium Oil 

To get the most out of your topical magnesium oil, keep the following advice in mind.

  • Make it part of your bedtime routine: Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? If you find yourself tossing and turning, try using our magnesium oil as part of your nightly schedule. Magnesium may help to relax your brain and nervous system, which helps to induce sleep. Keep a bottle on your end table so that you never forget to rub it into your temples before you lay down.
  • Incorporate it into a bath: While using essential oils is a well-known way to unwind while soaking in a tub, there are great benefits of using Zechstein magnesium oil. Place a few drops in your bath to help decrease your stress and anxiety levels at the end of a hard day and combat lingering headaches caused by low magnesium.
  • Use it after a workout: Applying topical magnesium is an ideal way to help relieve muscle cramps and tension that set in after your time in the gym. Do you play a sport? Throw a bottle in your equipment bag so that you have it handy in case an area of your body bothers you after an athletic event.


Topical Magnesium Oil


Benefits of My Mag Essentials

We strive to be your go-to company for any of your pure magnesium oil needs. Some advantages of making your purchase through us include: 

  • Shopping for our products in-person. Would prefer to shop for Zechstein magnesium oil and other magnesium products in a store as opposed to online? We have you covered! We are proud of the fact that 17 stores throughout Australia carry our merchandise. Click here for a complete list of stockists.
  • A friendly customer service team. We believe in the effectiveness of our magnesium merchandise, which is why we dedicate ourselves to helping you feel comfortable with every purchase. A member of our staff is happy to answer any of your magnesium-related questions. Do you want to get a better idea of whether a magnesium supplement would benefit you? Fill out our questionnaire.
  • Options for different ways to use magnesium. Would you like to apply magnesium in a way other than through oil? Our stock comes in a wide range of topical products including sprays, lotions, and scrubs. We also feature a clay mask that not only gives you a boost of magnesium also but cleans and detoxifies your skin at the same time. Don’t forget that we offer free shipping throughout Australia on any item in our selection.
Why Choose My Mag Essentials?

The goal of the My Mag Essentials team is to assist you in achieving a more fulfilling existence, by providing you with choices for Zechstein magnesium oil that help to ease aches and pains caused by the stress of everyday life.

For more information, use our contact page.


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