Published on October 24 2018


There is really no limit to what you can apply to the skin because when the body has enough at that point it simply stops absorbing anymore. It is self-regulatory and will not overdose itself with magnesium.

Magnesium is like a body currency with a bank account. When we push and stress the body in any way we lose a lot more magnesium than via normal metabolism. Foods these days are severely depleted in magnesium - especially in Australia, as our soils are so low. That means it's common for our 'magnesium bank account' to go into deficit. Over time, if it's chronic, it can result in the development of degenerative disease such as diabetes, heart disease, immune system disorders - even cancer. The body simply can't function properly without enough magnesium and starts to decay and age early. Magnesium is the king of the minerals - the master mineral and regulator of other electrolytes such as calcium, and it cofactors with many other nutrients. It also supports enzyme activity. There isn't one cellular function that doesn't use magnesium either directly or indirectly via enzyme action. We simply need it to live, and we need sufficient amounts to live well without disease.

Every individual is different and will have different magnesium needs and those needs can fluctuate depending on stress levels and any health issues - or exposures to toxins and chemicals. Look at magnesium is a vital building block nutrient, which you apply to the skin so that it enters the epidermis, which becomes like a smorgasbord dinner plate,
from which the body draws, as it needs. If you don't apply it regularly enough the body can't take what it needs. Transdermally the body only takes in the magnesium ions without any digestion required. That is why it is so much more efficient than having to digest and absorb the various compounds of Magnesium tablet / powder, which is hard
to get into the tissue cells of the body via the gut wall: Most is expelled via the digestive system without reaching the cells. When we are sick, the digestive system is even more compromised and less efficient.

Magnesium chloride however, is the most bio-available form of magnesium (especially that derived from sea salt water) because it also has the other trace elements. Our flakes come from Anchient Seabed ZECHSTEIN in the Netherlands.

There are no contraindications with transdermal magnesium therapy and even kidney patients can safely absorb magnesium via the skin - however they need to avoid oral ingestion so as not to overload the kidneys.

Generally speaking, athletes tend to have more magnesium deficiency than other young people their age because they push their body so hard, are often sweating out their electrolytes, and many of the sport supplements don't have magnesium, or not enough of the absorbable type. Our sports physiotherapists and masseurs who use transdermal magnesium to treat their high-end athletes report that they respond well to magnesium flakes soaking and massage with our Magnesium Lotion and Magnesium Oil.

People with any health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and nervous disorders can also feel great relief from regular transdermal magnesium. Magnesium is like an overall body tonic to calm nerves, relieve muscle cramps and spasms, promote better sleep, regulate blood pressure and heart rhythm, hormonal balance, metabolism, build strong bones and more…

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